This living concept is aimed at human and animal beings and is described as the experience lived with "La Trame" : a vibratory methode which aims at restoring an harmonious flow of the Information in the body, paired with :

  • The Approach Centered around the Person human and animal which is an active listening from the practitioner.
  • The ACceptance and CommitmenT which is an acceptance of the person’s life experiences in the present time and a process of clarification of the person.

Health is the restoration of the passing of the Information and, on the opposite, illness is a resistance to the passing of this Information.

What is proposed here is an ethical, physical and psychological support, respectful of the human being or animal being in their entirety and singularity.  

This support and care does not intend to change anything in the person’s life but is an experience that is lived through the being’s unity and makes it possible to contact a state that stays unchanged regardless of the moments lived by the existence.

It is about maintaining a new health and life’s path by welcoming this unity (a being to what exists) and to experience a well-being state more vast and filled with an infinite contentment

I encourage you to explore throughout these pages the meaning of the United Health and to find and deepen what is the United Field : this web of energies that links all of the Living.



The experimental work of Patrick Burensteinas allowed him to create in the 80s "La Trame", a vibratory care methode. Patrick Burensteinas discoveries show that our body, just like the world, is kept coherent by a plan which is a pattern of information. He notices that this plan takes the shape of a weft thread "Trame" which links us to a wider thread that he calls "The World’s Weft Thread".

The experimental work of Nassim Haramein allowed him, after thirty years of research in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology and archaeology, to reveal the theory of the united field and confirm that we live in an all-connected world and universe. These equations describe the dynamic of this energy, that is how it creates matter and show us that a fundamental energy is the origin of the creation of the physical world and that we’re immersed in this fundamental energy. 
This energy is the void or space that surrounds us. However, this space is not empty in the usual sense but full of energy, an energy that connects absolutely everything and is available in great quantity.

La Trame is a practical tool that can offer us the opportunity to discover this unifying connection and to guide this change inside ourselves.

Nassim Haramein’s discovery confirms all of the impact of "La Trame"




Health is defined here as a state wholeness.

"La Trame" is the name of a method fundamentally vibratory and comprehensive, which aims at restoring a harmonious flow of the Information in the person’s body.

Every human being is made of a weft thread and the methode called "La Trame" is going to re-harmonize this existing weft thread.


"La Trame" can help every person, child, adult, disabled or ederly people who have some difficulties or problems in their health’s care except in some specific situations.

"La Trame" fulfills different goals from a research of well-being to a support for severe diseases.

Its field of applications is wide :

  • Tensions / stiffness
  • Pain
  • Physical and psychological traumas
  • Various disorders: anxiety, depression, work exhaustion (‘burnout’), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), hyperactivity, addictions, etc...
  • Various diseases
  • Before and after surgery
  • End of life


"La Trame" works on the whole body, the beneficial results can be seen on differents levels :

  • Physically : a rise of energy, calming down the tensions, a reduction of the pain, a possibility of a stable state of health.
  • Psychologically : a release of an excess of accumulated emotions, a reduction of stress, a help to take a step back, a better capacity to deal with stressful situations, a reduction of depression episodes and anxieties.
  • There are also indirect beneficial results such as a global improvement of family life, work life and environment.


"La Trame" is done in the office or outside, in a suitable place. The session is usually one-hour long, consisting of :

  • A moment of Listening: The practitioner takes your need(s) into account
  • A moment of "La Trame": The person keeps their clothes on and is lying down comfortably on their back or sitting in their wheelchair (for a person with a disability). The practitioner puts their hands on the person and does a sequence of 16 precise movements, on different parts of the body with a light touch.

During "La Trame" and after it, the person may fall into a deep state of relaxation. "La Trame" keeps restoring balance of the body for 3 weeks, therefore, Trames’ sessions must be spaced out for at least 3 weeks, except for specific situations, to let the body self-regulate.

It’s recommended to do at least 3 Trames to start a dynamic.

La Trame’s goal is to inform the body with sixteen precise movements on what it has to do and, at the same time, to give it the initiative of being able to find its initial plan again.




Health is defined here as a state of wholeness.

"La Trame" is the name of a method fundamentally vibratory and comprehensive, which aims for restoring a harmonious flow of the Information in the animal’s body.

Every animal being is made of a weft thread and the technique called ‘La Trame’ is going to re-harmonize this weft thread.


"La Trame" can help all kinds of animals, hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs, donkeys, ponies, horses and so on… They can be pets or animal farms, from clubs, horse riding schools, shelters or pets under veterinarian’s care.

The goals and applications are diverse : animal beings meet the same difficulties as human beings because they are sensitive beings and have emotions. They are dependent on humans and are, therefore, often affected by humans’ emotions and behavior. "La Trame" can help them in the situations listed down below :

  • Tensions / stiffness
  • Pain
  • Physical and psychological traumas related to change (home, living environment, separation, neglect, abandonment, abuse, etc…)
  • Various disorders like conduct disorder related to the same situations written above or an activity assigned to the animal, etc…
  • Various diseases included chronic illnesses, etc…
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Old age
  • End of life


The positive aspects are the same as the humans’ ones and they are easier to see with animals. Since the animal is very receptive, its receptiveness will be shown through its behavior.


The session is done in the office or outside, where the animal lives.

A Trame session must be done in optimal conditions of safety for the animal, its keeper and the practitioner and with respect and well-being for the animal.

  • Safety : During the session, for safety reasons and legal responsibilities, the animal is still under the responsibility of its keeper or a trustworthy person appointed by them. The keeper or trustworthy person will hold and reassure the animal with their attentive and comforting presence and therefore, will contribute to make sure the session runs smoothly. They will have to be able to anticipate the animal’s reactions and inform the practitioner about its personality and its general condition. 
  • Respect and well-being : "La Trame" is done in an office for small animals that are able to move. For bigger animals, it will be where the animal lives, only if this place is comforting for them and always quiet, well-ventilated and spacious for the animal and the practitioner’s ease. Depending on the animal’s height and its behavior, the animal Trame session doesn’t have a set time and it will be necessary to hold the animal the whole time.




Appointments only available by phone call.



> A Human Care :

The support and care with "La Trame" : 

  • First session : 60€ All Taxes Included
  • Following sessions : 50€ All Taxes Included

One Trame therapy session is one-hour long, except for the first one which needs a little bit more time.

We recommend at least 3 Trames therapy sessions to set off the dynamics.

It is important to wait at least three weeks before doing a new Trame therapy session.

> An Animal Care :

The support and care with "La Trame" :  

Small animals (hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs...) : 40€ All Taxes Included



> A Human Care :

The support and care with "La Trame" : 

  • First session : 70€ All Taxes Included
  • Following sessions : 60€ All Taxes Included

> An Animal Care :

The support and care with "La Trame" :  

Small animals: 50€ All Taxes Included
Big animals (poney, donkey, horse…) : 70€ All Taxes Included


If you are an organization, support projects can be set up either for humans or animals.

If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact me to discuss it.

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